pH Meter and TDS, EC, Temperature Meter (Accuracy: pH: ±0.1, TDS: ±2-5%, EC: ±2-5%, Temp.: ±0.1°C)

Brand: LabRat Supplies

  • $ 14.95

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  • This product contains one pH meter, one TDS/EC/Temperature meter, an instruction manual, and one pack each of pH calibration buffers 4.00, 6.86, and 9.18
  • ACCURACY - pH Meter: ±0.1 pH, TDS Meter: ±2-5% PPM, EC Meter: ±2-5% μS/cm, Thermometor: ±0.1°C (±0.2°F)
  • FAST RESULTS - Simply dip the pH or TDS meter into your test solution and stir gently until your reading has stabilized. Your pH, TDS, or EC measurement will be shown on the digital display.
  • PROPER STORAGE - To ensure accuracy, store this pH and TDS meter in a dry place at room temperature. Handle with care as the pH meter contains a glass probe.

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